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Coronavirus Angling Update

Covid 19 ( Coronavirus)


Following the lifting of certain Government lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus Angling has now been given the limited opportunity to continue with “conditions”.



We have introduced  (an overnight  type stay time limit ) which is a maximum of 48 hours and on the day of departure anglers will need to be off site by midday – this is to allow your fellow members the opportunity of access to our fishery and respecting their  opportunity to fish with  no return for 96 hours.


Daytime only type anglers to continue as before - fishing the available areas with return as required.


The conditions are noted as the strict continuation of “social distancing” i.e. maintaining a minimum distance of 2 metres between any 2 persons  - we on the “Pride of Derby” would extend this for clarity and certainty to 3 metres and all anglers should bring with them an adequate supply of hand gel or soap for their use.


Any anglers seen or reported to be not complying with these conditions will be told to leave the waters of the Pride of Derby.


These conditions are set out for all “OUR” health and wellbeing as such will be rigidly enforced- failure to comply could result in the  clubs activity of angling again being placed into another lock -down.


All other rules are as noted in your seasons ticket