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The “Pride of Derby Angling Association” was formed in 1897, very little is known of the club until it formed as a limited company in 1937. All early records were lost in a fire at the then secretaries home prior to 1937.

The committee of the Fishing Club, which in the early days o­nly had fishing rights o­n the River Derwent were forced to make a difficult decision when the then landlord decided that he needed to raise capital. It was obviously very trying times between the wars for everyone, the landlord therefore concluded that he had need to sell the fishing rights leased by the Pride of Derby.

The price required to purchase the rights was £250, a lot of money in these hard times but the committee took a brave decision to raise the capital required to purchase the rights by selling shares to the then members at £5 each.

100 shares were issued with o­nly 50 being sold. The rights were purchased and following this the club has never looked back. Many of the shares have changed hands, but the principles of the club have been maintained, we have much to thank the gentlemen of 1937 for.

From the shareholders 10 Directors are elected who effectively carry out the day to day running of the club. The directors have to seek re election at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ( held in March of each year ) following a three year term of office, they are always answerable to the Shareholders.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman & Secretary are elected by the Directors, the Chairman & Vice Chairman have to seek re election at the meeting following the AGM each year.

The Club has never shirked its responsibilities or shied away from confrontation, we have fought legal battles in the high courts of the land o­n pollution issues. The most famous o­ne being Pride of Derby Angling Association Ltd. v British Celanese (1953 ) where pollution case law was established. The case was the Pride of Derby Angling Association Ltd. with second plaintiff “Earl of Harrington Angling Club” against the polluters “British Celanese Ltd.” and the co-polluters “ Derby Corporation” the “British Electricity Company”. This case was fought and won with o­ne of the first cases taken o­n by the “Anglers Co-operative Association” ( now the Anglers conservation Association ) . This case is still used today as “case law” in court o­n pollution issues. The pollution o­n the River Derwent was terrible and the water was described in o­ne of the documents with the archive photographs of the events as being like “a Blue Gray glutinous substance that lies thick o­n the bed of the Derwent”. The ACA has now been assimilated into the Angler Trust whose legal team continue to protect the rights of its members , in the courts if necessary.Their work is vital to the continuation of the sport of angling. Whilst the Pride of Derby  is a paid up member of the Angling Trust, we ask that all of our members also join the Trust as individual members. Please see the Angling Trust website.  

The Pride of Derby have a continuing policy of improvement, and addition to the venues available to its members. The requirements for members at all existing venues have been reviewed with car parking and ease of access being the priority. For security the majority of access points now have locked gates leading to private car parking areas. Where appropriate o­n our new lakes stocking has taken place o­n an annual basis. It is the clubs policy to listen to our members views and requirements and act o­n them wherever possible.

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