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Club Rules

Any person failing to comply with the rules noted below shall be liable to loss of membership.

1. No fishing shall be allowed from a boat, which is not owned by a shareholder.

2. If any shareholder or tickets holder shall see any person fishing who is not a shareholder or ticket holder, or doing anything contrary to these rules shall as soon as practicable report the occurrence to the secretary/ Bailiff.

3. All shareholders and ticket holders may carry as many rods as they wish, but shall only fish with two rods at any one time unless fishing in the Pride Lake, Redhouse lake, Olvers Lake and Grimshaws Lake where three rods may be used.

4. No person shall fish within 15 yards of a person already fishing unless he has previously received permission from such last mentioned person to do so. Please respect your fellow anglers and keep all noise to a minimum.

5. Anglers are allowed to have their dog in their company whilst fishing so long as it is kept under proper control and on a lead at all times and cause no disturbance to other anglers. All mess to be taken with the angler at the finish of his / her angling session. Note one dog only per angler.

6. The use of fish Live Baits is NOT allowed

7. The restrictions imposed by the Environment Agency on all matters shall be strictly enforced.

8. No  Nuts to be used in Pride Lake, Olvers Lake, Grimshaws Lake or Redhouse Lake and Poysers Pond.

9. Carp and Barbel are not to be kept in keep nets when pleasure fishing.

10. The use of Fixed bolt rigs is not permitted.

11. Unhooking mats when Carp and Pike fishing are compulsory.

12. No guns to be carried by ticket holders

13. Digging or damaging the River or Canal banks is strictly forbidden.

14. Close and Lock all gates

15. Keep all banks clean and clear from litter

16. No Motor Cycles allowed on the canal tow path

17. Fires are prohibited

18. No mess of any kind to be left on the banks or areas owned by the Pride of Derby. Please take it home.

19. No bait tins to be taken to the waterside – ie Luncheon meat, Sweetcorn tins etc.

20. No fishing allowed from bridges.

21. No passage over the Pipe Bridges.

22. Please no injury to fish when removing hooks etc.

23. On the Canal between the A6 Bridge and the Derwent Mouth lock or where any boat is moored opposite to where you are fishing the use of catapults, throwing sticks etc. is not allowed.

24. The sacking of fish is not allowed at any time on the Pride of derby Waters.

25. In the canal from Derwent mouth lock to Clay Mills fishing is allowed from the towpath only.

26. No fishing within 25 metres of the approaches to a lock or in the area of the "tie up" Ballard’s on the lock landings on the Trent & Mersey canal.

27. No fishing on the canal between Shardlow lock and the A6 Bridge.

28. No fishing matches of any description allowed without obtaining the permission of the Committee or Secretary.

29. No vehicles to be taken onto any of the grassed areas other than designated parking places. Particular note of this rule in the areas around the Complex Lakes.

30. No fish to be removed from or transferred into any of the clubs waters unless expressly authorised by the Directors – failure to comply with this rule will result in automatic exclusion from the club.

31. Members must gain access to the waterside by the routes shown on the map. Noting that access to the River Derwent from the end of Wilne Lane is on the left hand side of the fence, as indicated on the sign adjacent to Wilne Lane end, keeping at all times to within 15ft of the fence and waterside.

32. When fishing on Grimshaws Lake, Olvers Lake and the Pride Lake Bait Boats may be used only by anglers in possession of a bait boat permit.  

33. No baited rods which are in use are to be left unattended at any time.

34. No swim is to be reserved by a member for another angler.

35. The use of Maggots "of any form" are not permitted on the Pride and Olvers Lakes at any time.

36. "None Native Fish" Sturgeon/Cat Fish and Zander must be retained and "Not" returned to the water, site Bailiff must be contacted for action to be taken in order to comply with E.A. laws and Regulations.

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