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Joining Information

Season Tickets for the Pride of Derby may be obtained from the Ticket secretary – Ian Hole Tel 07966 544104 or by "ONLINE PURCHASE" using the drop box on the section "Membership" Buy Online. The types of Tickets available are noted in the sections below and should be selected from those listed. According to the type of ticket required the remittance noted should be sent via the "ON LINE" service or to the Ticket secretary at 9 Draycott Road, Sawley, Long Eaton, Notts NG10 3BA – any cheques should be made payable to the “Pride of Derby” and a stamped Addressed envelope should be enclosed for the return of the ticket and key as required.


Ticket Prices

Season Tickets: - 2022- 2023

Adult ( Standard Ticket )  - £80 plus £20 Joining Fee Plus Gate key £10 = £110

Junior Canal Ticket - £5 from Fishermainia - Harvey Road Derby

Adult Canal Only Ticket - £25 from Fishermania - Harvey Road Derby & Fishamania - Derby Road- Burton on Trent

Pride Lake and Olvers –

Premium Tickets = £425 Further details of Pride of Derby Membership: -Registration Fee Introduced in the year 2002 is a registration fee for new members, this is a one off payment of £100 for the new members premium Ticket.  Premium Tickets must be renewed by 15th June  - any premium ticket not renewed by this date will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Full Adult Membership - Price £80 year 2022-2023 This ticket is designed for all members over the age of 15 , it entitles the member full access to all our waters (other than Pride Lake and Olver Lake) from March 15th to June15th the following year. ( 3 month overlap period for renewal of season ticket ) This ticket is available online or from the Ticket secretary only, details below of how to apply.

Premium Ticket – Olvers and Pride Lake Price £425 This ticket gives exclusive use of the Pride Lake and Olvers Lake, plus all the fishing enjoyed on the "Full Adult Membership- Standard ticket. For the Premium Ticket there  is a waiting list  - to get your name onto this list you need first of all to be a (Standard Ticket) member - when you have this ticket you may apply to the ticket secretary for inclusion onto the Premium Ticket  waiting list - when a "Premium Ticket" ticket becomes available for you you will be advsied. NOTE - you must remain as a standard ticket holder  until the Premium Ticket is offered to you - any fee paid for the Standard Ticket will be deducted from your Premium Ticket price. 

Junior Ticket - Price £5 year for 2022-2023 This tickets is designed for young persons under the age of 16 years, it gives access to all of the club’s canal which is leased from the British Waterways. It excludes the sections of canal which open out into the River Trent ( Sawley Cut and Trent & Mersey from Derwent Locks ) This ticket should only be purchased with the permission of the parent or guardian of the young person. The tickets are available from Fishamania Harvey road.

Canal Only Ticket - Season ticket for the canal only at Price £25 per year -issued 15th March for immediate use   From Fishamania - 714-716 Harvery Road, Derby DE24 0EG Tel 01332 752 500

Gate keys - The majority of our fishing rights have access through locked gates into car parking areas, if a key is required for the gates please add £10 to any application and make note of your requirements. Lost Gate key renewal £30

Any member not renewing their ticket by June 30th in any year will be considered as a new member and therefore will be required to re-join and pay the registration fee. Note :- there is no registration fee for Juniors and Junior to Adult membership.  

Pride of Derby Canal Match Bookings

If any bookings are required for the Trent & Mersey Canal please contact our match secretary Mr Alan Miller on 01283-702701 or by writing to him at 16 Mercia Drive, Willington , Derby. Alan will be most pleased to help you, the peg fees at present are £2-50 per peg on the canal.