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Pride of Derby – General Security

As a result of lengthy discussion and consultation the Directors concluded the way forward for the Pride of Derby car parking and complex security.

The decision was taken on the basis that it is a right of the members of the Pride of Derby to expect to have reasonable security at all of the Pride of Derby areas of control and as such the cost of that security should be borne by the Pride of Derby.

New locks were fitted to all access points during this close season of 2012 - new gate keys were issued to all members renewing tickets in the year - 2012 -  old gate keys were required by the Ticket secretary prior to the issue of a new one.

It will continue to be a policy of the club to change all of the locks on a three yearly cycle – the deposit for the keys for NEW members will remain at £10 but all existing members will be issued with the new key after renewal of their annual subscription with no charge.

The three year cycle of lock changes will limit the numbers of keys in circulation to non members - i.e. members who have not renewed after the first year and do not claim back their deposit, and we will know who those persons are from our records if any problems arise.

The locks were changed by June 17th of 2012 –

The money raised from the issue of new keys to new members at cost £10 will go some way towards the costs of the three year cycle of lock change and new key issue but the majority will be borne by the club through your annual subscription.

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