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The Anglers Trust

This is an organisation renamed from the ACA (Anglers Conservation Association) and the NFA (National Federation of Anglers) to the Anglers Trust which was formed to integrate both the ACA and the NFA and the main purpose of the organisation was to protect and support the rights of anglers. It is also there to protect and to ensure the threats to our sport from Pollution and other interferences are correctly dealt with by the legal team from the branch of the Anglers Trust called Fish Legal.

At present we are facing threats to our sport on the River Trent by a company called "Small Hydro" who are proposing and have obtained planning consent to install generators on the Sawley Weir. In order for it to operate correctly "Small Hydro" propose to lift the weir height by 800mm approx 2foot 6inches to give the pressure required to operate this hydro generator. The Environment Agency (the people who sell us rod licences and are supposed to be there to support fisheries) who firstly warned us of the immense dangers of this proposal has now changed their minds and now supports the proposal. British Waterways who own the weir are also supporting the proposal (I am told Directors of BW are also shareholders in Small Hydro).

The Pride of Derby owns the fishing rights but we appear to have been disregarded by the body that should be there to support us - the EA. The only body of which we are members that is fighting our case is the Anglers Trust. The dangers we see and have been advised on are the obvious ones of flooding above the weir due to the increased weir height and therefore river level by 800mm which in turn will endanger our lakes on the Complex at Hemington. Then below the weir will see the loss of the natural spawning gravels which support the river below the weir with its fish stocks plus the obvious loss of fish going over the weir and through the turbines - the result of which is obvious to all except the EA (who are supposed a to act on our behalf with our rod licence money).

I have been advised today by a senior EA fisheries department representative that small fish will pass through the turbine undamaged! I have been in engineering for over 50 years and do not believe him- do you?. The Anglers Trust are working very hard on our behalf but as all will know normal legal costs are very high and generally prohibitive but to try and take on big business and hold them to account in court is almost impossible without a massive bank balance. We the "Pride of Derby" are members as a club but this is not enough we need your help as well. The Anglers Trusts only source of income is from anglings clubs and "individual members" - this is where we need your help - consider joining the "Anglers Trust" and supporting the organisation that supports you and our sport of angling - checkout the web site of the Anglers Trust and join as a "Individual Member" we need your help now.

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