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Otters ?

For an update and reasons on the actions at present being taken around the Pride complex is to prevent the devastation that is caused to fisheries by Otters –the action is the installation of Otter fencing around the lakes.  

Otters as you may know have being re introduced into the river systems around the country and as such we are having to take action by Fencing the Pride complex area to prevent this protected animal from entry into our fishing lakes. 

LAW - Once the Otter has entered and established itself in an area it is illegal to kill - remove or exclude them therefore the actions the Pride is taking is of a preventive action only at this time.

Since the Otter is protected by law this is the only action we can take to protect our fish stocks – the Otter has a taste for fish’s liver heart and kidneys so take the larger fish by biting off their tails so they have no chance to swim away and then swim and drag the fish to the shore eating only the organs they prefer and leave the rest of the fish to rot on the banks of the river or lake. The problem with this being that one fish does not satisfy the Otters food needs in a day  - the effect being a loss of all fish in a very short time and devastation to a fishery such as ours.

In the next few weeks I hope you will bear with us whilst the Otter fencing is being constructed and positioned – there may be some noise or disruption, which is inevitable. The cost of this is significant so please understand why we may not be doing some of the other work you may have been expecting – without this fencing in a couple of years time we possibly would not have a fishery. The fencing will extend along all of our boundaries and the use of the Flood banks boundaries to construct fences will entail the removal of trees bushes etc.

Please advise and report of any one taking or damaging the fencing process during none working hours – this is your season ticket money we are using to pay for this fencing so it is in your interest to ensure this goes as smoothly as possible.

Alan Miller


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