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Grimleys Pond - News - April 2016

Grimleys Pond in the past few years has been a constant problem with maintaining fish levels – we have had predation by cormorants and recently poor water quality with low oxygen levels – a survey by the Environmental Agency during this winter resulted in the analysis of the fish caught by their netting process of fish with low weight to size ratios and very low concentration of fish- caused it was suspected by low food values – all this after the stocking last year of over 7,000 roach and bream.

The recommendations of the EA was to reduce the tree growth around the pond which was suspected of causing poor water quality due to the massive leaf drop in winter and lack of wind action on the pond to give increased oxygen levels.

Because of this findings the Directors decided to take radical action to try and improve this venue – we decided to take this pond back to the state when it fished well and remove as many of the trees around the pond as possible in order to get additional light and oxygen into the water – also to get the EA to do regular water quality surveys on the water quality and leave the weed growth into a natural state and then do nothing other than monitor this for a minimum of two years in the hope that nature and lack of disturbance cause the fish that are left to regenerate. If the water quality findings improve this will be seen as evidence that this process is working and limited re stocking can take place. Please bear with us on this one – we are doing all we can and will update this site as new results are known. You may of course fish this venue but dont expect great results !

The smaller of the two ponds is not as seriously affected as the large pond so resonable results may still be obtained in its fishing. Whatever fishing you do in this area please keep us informed of the results. 

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