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Work on Complex - Area Closed ! June 20th

Due to work to improve the access to the area on the back bank of Olvers Lake this bank will be closed to angling for a few days - we are sorry for this inconvenience but the result of the work will vastly improve the access and pegs in this area. The area concerned is the path from the car park between Olvers and Grimshaws and then from the Poysers Pond to the end of Olvers on the back bank and the results will be a hard stone pathway right through.

This is necessary work to make this access more safe and less of a problem with mud and difficult condition in the winter months – it is most unfortunate that this has had to be started when the conditions are so wet – but the arrangements were made several months ago and the anticipation was that June would be the best month with ideal conditions – it just shows how wrong you can be ???

Please bear with us on this one -

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