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Theft from Containers on Pride Complex

Unfortunately, on Tuesday 20th February – evening time- between 6pm and 8 pm   person’s unknown to the club broke into the clubs site by breaking the locks on the main gate and then proceeded to cut through the locks using grinding type equipment on the Containers holding the club’s grounds maintenance tools. Items stolen were the club utility vehicle (Golf type Buggy - Kubota RTU 900) Chain saws, Mower, Pumps and generator plus a significant number of hand tools.

If you have any knowledge of who might have carried out this theft, or have been offered items of this type to purchase we would be grateful of any information that could lead to its return. We would be very grateful for any information and the identity of any person giving information would be kept strictly confidential.

The police have been informed and it appears that over the same period a number of other burglaries took place all around this area.

Before the break in there were incidents over two or three evenings where “a drone” was seen hovering over the site causing considerable annoyance to some of our members. This may be connected with the theft in carrying our reconnaissance of the area to see who might be about before breaking in – or it might be completely innocent. Either way the use of this type of equipment can be a nuisance to our members and interferes with their privacy. In view of this we must insist that anyone who wishes to use a drone obtains permission first from the Directors and respects other angler privacy in its use.

Any unauthorised “drones” used above our private property will as possible be destroyed and if they are seen please report the sightings as soon as possible to any of the Directors so that action may be taken.

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