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Fixed Bolt Rigs and unattended rods

Unfortunately, within the last two weeks a pride of Derby official had to destroy a 27lb Mirror carp  which had become tethered into a reed bed at the side of Pride lake. The carp was in massive distress with line and a fixed bolt rig still attached- the damage to the fish was so extensive there was no way it could survive.

It is a rule in the Pride of Derby Season Ticket that the use of Fixed Bolt rigs and leaving lines unattended is not permitted and it is because of an abuse of these rules that the fish noted earlier had to be destroyed.

In view of this our bailiffs will as an ongoing feature of their work ask members on a random or group basis to draw in lines in order that the rigs can be checked for compliance to the Rule Standard – your co-operation in this will be required.

Any members found who do not comply with these common sense requirements will have their season tickets marked as a first warning – after two warnings their tickets will be taken from them.

All anglers love to see good quality heathy fish – please work with us to make sure the fish on the Pride of Derby waters only die of old age.

It is so sad that we even have to raise this issue –anglers need to consider all of the effects of “their actions” in pursuing this great sport.

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