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Fish Thefts

We have been made aware that on some fisheries in the Midlands there is evidence of fish theft- mainly large carp which are alleged to have been taken from established  fishery’s and because  of the sometimes unique markings particularly on mirror carp  have been identified after loss as being caught on other fisheries.


The nature of carp fishing being that its, of 24hour plus sessions and  gives the opportunity for ( dodgy) anglers  who catch  large fish, to remove and sell onto other fisheries or to pass onto syndicates in which they are part.  


We have no hard evidence of this happening on the Pride of Derby waters although there has been many rumours of this in the past.


Rumours amongst the  Pride of Derby members are not rare  - some are great and can almost be believed – most are just good fun – but amongst the rumours there can be some truth and the issue of fish theft has at times become worrying but to date not proven.


In view of this and for the future we would ask all of our members to look out for suspicions actions by other anglers  possibly by them leaving the complex at night without any obvious reasons and highlight them to us. Any information given would be kept completely confidential and any information received that leads to a successful prosecution would be suitably rewarded. Information could be given to any Bailiff,  Site Manager or Director this as noted above would be completely confidential.


At night now there is only one entrance / exit open to anglers this being the main gate on Tamworth Road – this is now monitored and recorded using CCTV therefore  if any suspicious behaviour  is noted we have the ability to  track back and see who has left site or entered site at any time. If there is anything that can be proven of this type of activity we will have no hesitation in taking the appropriate legal action, then following any successful prosecution highlighting and publicising the names of the persons responsible so that they never have the opportunity to fish in the UK again.

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