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Membership Pricing from 2022

Concessionary season tickets

For season 2022-onwards

As a result of a recent review of our future Season Tickets pricing policy we have come to  a decision to cease the issue of concessionary season tickets and instead starting in season 2022-23 only the  “Standard Ticket” at price £80 and the “Premium Ticket“  at the price of £425.


For the Trent & Mersey Canal the tickets will remain the same at prices £25 for Adults and £5 for Juniors.

The reason for this change is obvious when you consider the demographics of our membership, 30 years ago our membership was 15% concessionary (OAPs & Disabled) and 85% full paying adults. Now it is more like 65% OAP ( Concessionary)  and 35% standard Adult ( full payment).  


Originally the reasoning for giving OAP and Disabled concessions prices - first introduced in the 1930s Pensioners received extremely low incomes and Disabled persons received virtually zero to compensate for their additional needs. Thankfully now Pensioners & Disabled persons receive  adequate incomes. ( always we will say not enough).


Because of the above noted systems employed by many angling clubs they have ceased to exist  because the season ticket  income did cover the rental of the waters their members  used.


For Angling clubs to survive it is necessary to maintain a reasonable income each year to cover all costs, but with the facts as  noted above our standard ticket actual income decreases each year even with the recent price increase due to the change in demographic of ticket holders in our club.


We have been advised that many clubs are now allocating and selling season tickets in a similar way and this method will also save our ticket secretary the embarrassing situation where he is having to ask for proof of disability and age and maintain records of a very personal and confidential nature.


Hope all can understand this reasoning and the implementation of this significant change. 

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