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It has been recently noted on several social media sites that anglers from this club who are also ticket holders have been writing derogatory and negative comments about our club, our waters and our Directors for all to see.


We have no problem with constructive comment or even negative comment that can be substantiated but to make comment without basis or evidence of fact under an alias is both cowardly and wrong.


Fortunately many of the “alias’s” names are known to us with respect to their correct names and their ticket numbers plus addresses.  Many of these persons will be hearing from us directly.


For these ticket holders the resolution to their problems is easy – if you find this club so objectionable that you have to write this stuff then find another club to fish with as you are not welcome in the Pride of Derby, and to ease the problem for them we will allocate their tickets to persons on our waiting lists.


We do though wish to hear constructive  comments or even negative ones,  noting where we can do better  - tell us what we can do for you that will benefit all ticket holders , and if we can we will. We want  this club to be better and meet your needs and as such if your comments can help us along this way then we really want to hear from you.

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