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Fish Loses -Pride Lake and Olvers

Update of fish mortalities – Pride Lake and Olvers.

It has been noted that concerns are being expressed on social media that we the Pride have serious issues fish loses due to poor water quality, Argulus infestation etc etc.

To set the record straight we are monitoring closely the situation and have taken advice from the EA fisheries section in Nottingham.

Number 1 – Checks by the EA show that the water quality is excellent.

Number 2 – Fish loses occur every year – as the fish get older they become weaker, docile  and more subject to infections and then death ( like humans)   - this is normal. Small fish like roach & bream are predated by Pike as they become weaker and sickly so you will not see dead fish of this type but carp of 20lb plus have no predator so when they die they come to the top and start to decompose which is upsetting to see .  

Number 3 – Argulus affects fish that are weaker  and more dormant – any infection becomes a target for Argulus and then make the fish even weaker and then death.

Number 4 – Age of the fish making them more likely to become dormant and listless. Most of the Commons in Pride Lake and  Olvers were stocked into these lakes at about the age of 4 to 5 years in the mid 1990s making these fish about 30 years old and its no surprise some are coming to the end of their lives – apparently the life span of a common carp is between 9 & 45 years. Some of the commons being caught are in immaculate condition other not so good but this is a normal situation. 

Number 5 – Stock levels – Any lake has a limit  as to how many fish it can sustain in a healthy condition. In the floods in 2020 we estimate that the stock levels increased in Pride lake by at least 150 fish. These were mainly from the Poysers pond and were seen during the flood times in the large grassed areas between the M1 embankment and the Pride Lake – nothing could be done to capture these fish so they now reside on the Pride Lake and to a lesser extent in the Olvers Lake which are now potentially overstocked. Nature has a way of kicking back if stock levels cannot be sustained – the weaker fish die !. The fish quantity estimation is gathered after removing the larger carp this year from Poysers pond  - 5years ago we stocked Poysers Pond with 500 small carp – when we came to remove them in March this year there was only 200 fish  left. The balance have either died or re homed themselves in Pride lake, Olvers or Grimshaws.

Number 6- We expect fish loses to continue as the water gets warmer and the spawning takes place “do not be alarmed” we lose fish every year ? last year Stuart, Paul & Dean removed 29 dead carp from Pride Lake. About 15 years ago we lost over 100 fish from Pride lake in one year – after the loses the fishery got even better. The water will only sustain a certain quantity of fish mass. I.e. as the fish get bigger the mass gets greater.

Number 7 – What can anglers do to help ? We have purchased some carp clinic of very high quality – we would be grateful if our members would use this on fish they catch that show signs of damage ( this can be obtained from Stuart on site and is free of charge to our members) if this is applied correctly then the fish should fully recover in the summer months. Most fish are perfectly heathy so will not need any attention.

Number 8 – As a suggestion from the Environment Agency fisheries department and as a means of reducing the quantity of Argulus  in the Pride  lake we have put in a serais of plastic tubes around the lake- it is advised that the existing argulus lay their eggs of this type of material. The idea being that after a period of time ( maybe two weeks)  you remove the tubes and expose to sunlight in dry condition and this destroys any eggs on the tube. It has to be emphasised though that the argulus main focus on a fish is on the areas of sores etc on  previously damaged or sickly fish.

Number 9 – Help us to ensure the fish are treated properly – expressing concerns on social media does not help anyone – if you have a concern talk to our bailiffs they will help and hopefully reassure you as to the action we are taking.

Number 10 – Most importantly don't worry – WE ARE NOT ? – and  enjoy your angling on the Pride.

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