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Ban of Particle bait on Complex Lakes

In order that the fish be allowed to fully recover after the last bad winter and the resulting  damage to some of the carp stock we have been advised that the best way to allow these fish this opportunity to fully recover is to build up their protein and resistant levels by feeding only high protein baits and feed.

Because of this the use of “particles” as feed will not be permitted on Grimshaws- Pride and Olvers 

We do not take this decision lightly so please help us to help the fish by complying with this request.

In addition to support this request we have purchased a significant quantity of high quality high protein pellets which may be purchased from any of the guys on site at a significantly lower cost than dealers would apply.

Again our only concern is to build up the fish body mass to allow them to get though this rigors of winter so that next year they are even better.

It is well known that particles attract fish but do not feed them and sometimes if not correctly processed even damage fish

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