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Ully Gully

Ully GullyThe Ully Gully pond is part of the old River Trent course and is situated adjacent to the "Pride Lake" and the "Redhouse Lake". No o­ne knows how the name came about but it was left as a pond when the new Trent course was formed in 1790 with the introduction of the canal system in the area. The Ully Gully is a pond of approximately 3 acres and has an average depth of 5-6 feet. The pond has a large quantity of Roach,  Bream and Tench some of the bream going to 5 lbs and Tench to 8lbs, Carp are also a feature of this pond along with Pike and Perch

Access is very good with good parking at each end of the pond, the banks are very safe with staged fishing positions along the side nearest to the access roadway. The location is in the Sawley area with vehicular access to the parking areas ( suitable for disabled or infirm anglers in the areas nearest to the parking areas).

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